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135 Point Vehicle Inspection

The 135 point vehicle inspection report ensures that Certified Pre Owned vehicles are properly tested and are qualified to be called a certified pre-owned Kia.

The inspection covers the whole vehicle: the components of the powertrain, the chassis, safety related systems as well as the passenger compartment and the exterior. Below are a few components checked by Kia technicians.

  • CPO Engine
  • CPO Breaks
  • CPO Suspension
  • CPO Drivetrain
  • CPO Transmission
  • CPO Trim
  • CPO Cooling system
  • CPO System warning
  • CPO Electrical
  • CPO Sunroof
  • CPO Seats
  • CPO Doors
  • CPO HVAC system
  • CPO Appearance
  • CPO Trunk
  • CPO Vehicle modifications
  • CPO Road tested
  • CPO Door locks
  • CPO Seat Belts
  • CPO Seat Heaters
  • CPO Centre Console
  • CPO Lighting mirror
  • CPO A/C Adapters
  • CPO Exhaust System